We have been teaching traditional Wing Chun kung fu in Farnborough since 1997.. We are an official branch of the East Anglia Wing Chun Athletic under master Brian Desir and Sifu Dave Fenton is a lifetime member of the Ip Chun Wing Chun association


Classes are held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, and are structured to assist the development of the student.

Chinese boxing practice 7pm - 8pm

"For club members only"  - We will work on the skill of Wing Chun free fighting and assist the individual through padwork and drilling..  members will be able to concentrate on developing good technical Wing Chun sparring.

Core Wing Chun and Syllabus training  8pm - 10pm

In this class we will be working on development of the skills required for progression in Wing Chun. Using Master Brian Desir's syllabus we will coach and build the individuals skill level required for Wing Chun fighting.You will also learn hands on expression of the skills, freestyle chi sao and sparring will play a major part in taking your abilities to a higher level of proficiency.


We also offer classes designed for kids aged 6 - 12, and a self defence class for women.



All classes typically begin with a short warm up, usually syllabus and partner drills will play a part in all sessions.

To start to train with us you will need to wear some comfortable loose clothing ie a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. Club t-shirts can be purchased once you have joined fully.. Remember to bring a drink with you.

Single session = £10 - single session (junior) =£8 - Monthly once a week = £25 - Monthly once a week under  (junior) = £20 - Monthly twice a week = £40 monthly twice a week under (junior) = £30

Junior rate applies to any student aged from 14 to 16

Student rates are also availble with valid student ID card

Club membership is £35 and club T-Shirts are £15


We offer a full syllabus, catering for all from the complete beginner to the advanced student

for details and information on the group visit the headquarters website




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